Public Transit Liability – SIR and Excess

More Liability Options For US Public Transit

The US insurance market for public transit is finally opening up and offering more good choices from A 15 US domiciled carriers, even for accounts with light rail! After 9/11, the market shrank substantially for all insured’s, including public transit authorities.  Due to catastrophe potential and high limit needs, the market place for these unique public entities has been slow to recover.  The long sustained profitability for insurance carriers and the resulting soft market we see today, coupled with onshore movement of the Bermuda and London based carriers has expanded US offerings in both the lead SIR options and the capacity.  With the additional options, there is competition in this segment and clients are seeing options with more coverage at lower prices! You and your public entity transit client have a choice! You can now access US domiciled or multiple carriers, instead of going overseas or being locked into one carrier for your liability coverage. The US markets are strong and ready to compete for this once difficult business.

Apex Insurance has the specialized brokerage force to bring cutting edge insurance solutions and competition to the public transportation marketplace.

Total Domestic Capacity of $200M+ is Possible!!!

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