Program Development

Apex has the experience and resources to create a program for your book of business.

Why a Program?

A Program is an alternative to commercial insurance brokerage, where a group of homogenous entities, like counties or schools purchase all lines of coverage from a single source, carrier or program administrator.

The Program offers pre-determined limits depending on exposure, historical loss data, state tort limits and legal environment.

There are many advantages to creating a Program.  They include:

  • Improved availability of coverage
  • Coverage with broader, more comprehensive terms, conditions and limits
  • Control of underwriting authority
  • Services tailored to the client
  • Potential up-front savings
  • More equitable rating basis

The ingredients to any successful Program may include:

  • Minimum first year potential
  • Homogeneity of risks
  • Commitment of select producers and clients
  • Risk control requirements

If you have a significant book of public entity or school business in your state or across the country, give Apex a call today.